Luminato Festival

Case study

The challenge

To transition from traditional hard ticket invites to a digital solution while trying to keep the security and the intimacy of the previous invite process. The concern was that the invitees were used to the old process and would potentially not adapt to an entirely new process. In year 1 there was also a limited database of e-mail addresses.

The Opening and closing Galas had been ticketed by mail-out invites, with call centre follow-up and limited confirmations.

The solutions

Year One
Sent a hard mail-out invite with a link and directions to register online. Each invitee was given a unique PIN code to register, as well as opt in for a parting gift and future communications from the Title Sponsor.

Year Two
Given they had a stronger database of e-mail addresses, a hard mail-out as well as an e-vite with directions to register was deployed.

Additional functionalities

Real time

\ Ability to check capacities and see who has responded.

Accept donations

\ Methods of accepting donations for charitable functions.

Collect additional data

\ Marketing info, demographics, food preference or allergies, guest’s name, etc.

Promotions in advance

\ Promote silent auction items, sell raffle tickets, and collect credit card info in advance

Customizable tickets

\ Create a customizable ticket template

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