Case study

The challenge

For their 10th Anniversary JetBlue was hosting 9 major events for their employees and their guests. The events were spread over 9 cities and in a collapsed time frame and security was critical to the registration process.

The solutions that fit

  • Get Tickets worked closely with the JetBlue team to create 9 unique event links and custom digital invitations. All branded JetBlue (view ticket).
  • Events sizes ranged from 800 to 4,500 attendees so registration & on-site check-in had to be efficient.
  • JetBlue provided Get Tickets with the guest list and secure ID numbers that were loaded into the Get Tickets system, which allowed employees to register easily & securely.

Additional functionalities

\ Since security was very important the employee was also asked to enter each guest name (to be validated at checkin).

\ E-mail updates and alerts were sent to the attendees.

\ Food allergies and other key information were also collected to aid in the event planning process.

The result

“At JetBlue, we take our selection of a business partnership very seriously. We chose Get Tickets because they listened, understood our goals and were flexible in terms of the process. They reacted to what we really needed.”

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