Custom Solutions

Case study

The challenge

Get Tickets works with numerous blue chip corporations. In some instances the challenge was to overcome “old school” and cumbersome processes or to create a “better mouse trap”. In other instances the challenge was to create an application in order to capitalize on an opportunity.

The solutions that fit

  • Whether it is a small feature set to add or a major custom build, our philosophy is that if the system can be advanced for one partner, likely more than one partner of ours will benefit.
  • Below are some samples of custom work we are proud of.

Notable custom solutions

The Wireless Box Office

\ In collaboration with Live Nation and Rogers Communications Inc., Get Tickets led the development of the WBO - the first end-to-end mobile ticketing platform in North America: Search, Select, Purchase and Receive your tickets ALL from a wireless device.

The Digital Screening Manager

\ In Collaboration with one of the Country’s leading Film Distributers, Get Tickets created the DSM. Deigned to inject efficiencies and intelligence into promoting and delivering pre-release promotional, media and “word of mouth” screenings for upcoming movie releases. The DSM not only eliminated hours of man-power, it was been designed to inject key intelligence to manage and track certain elements such as:

  • Pin code redemption
  • Promotional partner success rates
  • Historical seating capacity tracking to predict “over-sell” for future
  • Capacities and ensure full cinemas
  • It also allowed for a fully branded solution (per movie title) and create real estate for 3rd party promotional partners and sponsors.

\ Once the DSM was active it also provided for a very effective tool to launch promotions and drive social sharing and create a very strong and enthusiastic following.

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The Corporate Gala Seating Manager (GSM)

\ Our longtime partner WestJet Airlines approached us with the challenge of making the process to manage seating for their major internal functions much easier for their Events Team and the employees.

\ The GSM is a flexible tool that allows event organizers with the following functionality.

  • Ability to create a seat map (for any size room or seating arrangement)
  • Edit table allotments and sizes
  • Reserve/hold seating for VIP’s and Executives
  • Add security measures such as Employee Number or pre-loaded guest lists
  • Empower employees with the ability to select their seat and choose who they wish to sit with (also assign seats for friends/spouses)
  • Provide an edit function to move tables, seats and change seating arrangements if needed
  • Check capacities and seating charts in real time!

view screenshot 1 & view screenshot 2

THE RESULT? “Employee events are part of what makes WestJet such a great place to work. Get Tickets has helped us spend less time on administration duties and more time on creating a remarkable event experience.

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