Corporate Solutions

Case study

The challenge

Get Tickets works with numerous blue chip corporations. Given today’s realities, our corporate partners tend to have similar traits: less people that need to do more, in a more complicated environment with more moving parts.

The solutions that fit

  • We believe no two clients are the same so no two solutions are the same.
  • Many of the solutions that we have created (simple to complicated) are inspired from the client’s needs. All with the goals of: simplifying a process and injecting efficiencies; saving HR resource time; adding security measures or simply adding the capability to collect data in a registration process.
  • We now manage everything from employee flu shot registration, to yoga classes right up to 5000+ company gala’s or off-sites.
  • In all instances the process is a white label solution so the partner’s branding, image and personality are reinforced and consistent (view ticket).

Additional functionalities

The Gala Seating Manager (GSM)

\ Save hours of time seating your Exec’s & employees at large-scale events. Have the employee seat themselves as part of the registration & purchase process.

Real-time reporting

\ Ability to check capacities and monitor sales.

Collect additional data

\ Food Preference or Allergies. Guest’s Name, Golf Handicap, Shirt Size etc.

\ Incorporate surveys as part of the process to garner feedback.

view sample survey

\ Use SMS alerts & reminders to keep all attendees informed of updates, changes & maybe even emergency alerts.

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