Bacardi B-Live

Case study

The challenge

The B-live tour was a complex set of events that were scattered over 40+ cities and in a compressed time frame. The main challenges were: managing a diverse registration process and ensuring the venues were not only full but filled with the "right" patrons that met the target profile.

The solutions that fit

Get Tickets worked closely with Bacardi and their Agency to create a custom registration system that delivered the following:

  • Custom invites for all markets.
  • Unique data capture that would be used as filters to ensure the right mix of demographics and brand users (Bacardi and Competitive) were at each event.
  • Mobile updates and alerts sent by SMS pre, during and post event.
  • Mobile ticket delivery and confirmation at site to ensure secure as well as efficient check-in.
  • Over the course of the tour, Bacardi was also able to use predictive intel on over-capacity invitations to ensure a full house.

Additional functionalities

\ Invite and “Tell a Friend” features driven from Facebook.

\ Included legal waivers in the opt-in process.

\ Data capture also provided critical information on social habits and usage patterns.

\ Automatic SMS welcome messages sent to the patron immediately after their ticket was scanned.

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